- Rent free/ Accessible office accommodation.

- Specially adopted motor vehicles for transporting people with disabilities.

- Wheelchairs and other mobility aids for adults and children.

- Marketing and Fundraising for GPAPD.

- Computers/Laptops for staff.

- Printers/Copiers for office use.

- Cellphones for staff.

- Filing cabinets for office use.

- Volunteers to assist in fund raising and other activities.

- Sponsored Training for Staff.

- Contribution towards operational costs (Telephone, Petrol etc).

- Stationary for office use.

- Food parcels and clothing for destitute clients.

- Volunteers who have expert knowledge and skills in Financial Management, Fundraising, Graphic Designing, Human Resource Management, etc

***Any other assistance that is not listed above will be truly appreciated.*** 

Dedicated Support From:

Dept. of Health and Social Development

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Sukema Integrated Solutions

GPAPD is Proudly Supported by:

The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund

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